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"Tribar" represents the three bars necessary for any successful personal or company goals
Best  It is our aspiration to be the best in our class. We must drive ourselves and our systems on a continuous path of improvement. As in all aspects of business and personal life, we will either improve or decay. There is no in between. In all of this, we can never forget our baseline. All too often, companies forget what it takes to survive. We must continually re-examine our business in order to provide the value our customers expect.
Better  - With a firm grip on the base of operations we are able to grow successfully as a company. We are able to expand our "process focused" product development and create pleasure and excitement for ourselves and our customers. 
Baseline - We must commit ourselves to what it takes to survive in a highly competitive world. We must understand that our first priority is to develop a strong and efficient employee base, a supportive and nurturing system for them to follow and an effective process to provide for their success. Then, a strong and satisfied customer base will naturally follow.